Chemistry Contract Research Services

Custom Synthesis

We tailor each project to our clients‘ obligations and preferences by using existing routes or designing/developing robust approaches in order to fulfill our customers’ demand.

FTE Services

AI Biolabs provides long term and flexible FTE services to best help our clients tackle synthetic challeges and lead optimizations.

CRO technology transfer services

At AI Biolabs, we conduct pilot scale synthesis validation and provide detailed technology write ups in order to ensure a smooth technology transfer.

Custom tailored services

As a biotechnology company conveniently located in Hayward, AI Biolabs offers the biotech communite a range of services that include ADC linker custom synthesis, long term FTE/flexible FTE, and CRO tech transfer services.

Our highly experienced chemists are equipped with PhD level degrees and substantial experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We utilize state-of-the-art instruments for synthesis, purification and analysis in order to best serve the scientific community, promising a swift, successful result that will exceed your expectat ions.