About Us


Intelligence Applied

AI Biolabs develops a broad range of cutting-edge tools and provide design/custom synthesis service for life science research including bioconjugation, diagnostics, biomaterials and therapeutic applications. As a chemistry technology company, AIBiolabs has a team of highly skillful synthetic organic chemists with extensive experience in bioconjugate techniques and chemical biology research.


Our mission is to become a comprehensive analytical and chemistry solution for biotech and pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions.


The analytical service unit of AI Biolabs, is specialized in mass spectrometry, HPLC separation, structure elucidation, and pre-clinic PK Studies. Our facility is currently equipped with numerous LC/MS systems, GC/MS, HPLC, Pre-HPLC, Orbitrap and a MALDI-TOF, and so on. For companies large and small, we offer comprehensive service unmatched by similar analytical departments, all at an affordable cost.


AI Biolabs develops a broad range of Linkers and provide custom linker synthesis. Our current product catalog covers click chemistry tools such as DBCO, tetrazine, TCO, BCN and cycloprpene etc., biotin linkers, PEG linkers, peptide linkers, glucuronide linkers, photo cleavable linkers, dye probe linkers and folic acid peg linkers.