Analytical Services

Analytical Testing, Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, De-formulation, Contaminant Quantification, Failure Analysis, and more.

  • Bioanalytical Services
  • Electrospray & APCI Mass Analysis for small molecules
  • ESI-TOF High Accuracy/Small Molecule Analysis – High accuracy m/z measurements with mass errors of less than 5ppm
  • GC/MS, Headspace GCMS/GCFID for residual solvents, cosmetic ingredient profiling, quantification, etc, please check GCMS/GCFID pricing
  • High Resolution LCMS analysis
  • HPLC Method Development and Validation
  • HPIC Ion Chromatography for Ion Analysis, Organic and Inorganic Contaminant Analysis
  • LC/MS for quality control, purity assessment, and compound characterization
  • MALDI-TOF for DNA, Peptides, polymers, and proteins
  • MSn for Structure Elucidation and Metabolite Identification
  • Pre-Clinic PK Studies for in vitro and in vivo samples, please check DMPK pricing
  • Pre-HPLC purifications
  • Peptide mapping and Proteomics
  • Ask about LC/TOF, CE/MS, SEC and more

  • Consultation for analytical lab setup, troubleshooting, and method development
  • Refurbishment of used lab equipment
  • Sales of high-quality analytical instruments with installation and warranty
  • Modification, customization, and development of chemical analytical systems

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